Triple Grow GroLaxer Nutrient Enriched Crème Relaxer System

Triple Grow GroLaxer Nutrient Enriched Crème Relaxer System
Item# triple-grow-grolaxer-nutrient-enriched-crme-relaxer-system

Product Description

The GroLaxer Amazing Length Miracle. Amazing Length Triple Gro is the first hair rebuilding system that delivers more elasticity, pliability and strand strength, to grow your hair healthier, stronger- and to amazing new lengths. The transformation of short, dry, brittle strands into long, healthy, luxurious hair is the Amazing Length Triple Gro miracle! Growth Oil Release Formula delivers nourishing oils to protect your hair during the straightening process. Replenishes vital nutrients and restores luster. Effectively minimizes shedding, damage and breakage. One application. Kit contains: Root and Scalp Protective Gel, Growth Oil Release Pre Treatment, GroLaxer Relaxing Creme, Normalizing Reconstructor Rinse, Root Nourishing Therapeutic Shampoo, Moisture Remedy Leave In Tonic, Plastic Gloves. WARNING: Use only as specifically directed on the enclosed instruction sheet.