Queen Helene Royal Curl Stay Clean Shampoo

Queen Helene Royal Curl Stay Clean Shampoo
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Product Description

Queen Helene Royal Curl Stay Clean Shampoois all natural. Free of sulfates, petroleum, and parabens. To look like a queen, keep it clean- and natural. In a hive, there's only one queen whose diet is only royal jelly, a nutrient packed super food with 17 amino acids, vitamins a, c, d, k, and multiple b-vitamins. We use the queen bee's secret in Stay Clean Shampoo to keep the kink out of your curls and smooth over your waves. A shot of Sea Kelp Extract gently boosts the cleaning action, while nourishing mandarin orange extract and antioxidant green tea restore moisture and defend against harmful heat and humidity. Gentle enough to use daily, but effective enough to use less frequently. 12 Ounces.