POSH 100% Virgin Remy Hair by Harlem 125 (10 Inches)

POSH 100% Virgin Remy Hair by Harlem 125 (10 Inches)
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Product Description

POSH 100% Virgin Remy by Harlem 125, also known as cuticle hair or Virgin Hair, is human hair collected with the cuticle intact. Most human hair sold today is non-cuticle hair, because the cuticle is stripped from the hair by an acid bath process. POSH Remy Hair leaves the cuticle intact which makes the hair stronger and more flexible.

POSH Remy Hair is hand selected directly from donors known to have hair of the very high quality. Then the hair is tied in one direction with the cuticles intact to preserve the natural direction of the hair. Most other human hair is collected at random and without taking into account its natural direction, this can cause tangling when the hair is wet. With POSH Remy hair, the cuticle is always running in one direction like natural hair, which therefore does not tangle. Using this careful process for picking and handling POSH Remy Yaki human hair, the result can only be exceptional hair.