Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse

Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse
Item# organic-root-stimulator-herbal-shampoo

Product Description

9 Ounces. A dry shampoo that cleanses, stimulates, soothes and refreshes natural hair when regular shampooing is not an option.

Herbal Cleanse™ A dry shampoo that keeps your hair and scalp refreshed between regular shampoos. Ideal for starting locks and braids! • Anti-bacterial action removes odor and residue without suds. • Enriched with lavender to eliminate odors, and sweet basil to help alleviate itching. • Kola Nut extracts, stimulates the scalp, and retards flaking. • Can be used for bedridden patients. • Perfect for athletes or those who suffer from excessive sweating to freshen hair and scalp. Key Ingredients: Lavender: Derived from the Latin verb “to wash”, lavender stimulates and cleanses skin and scalp. The lavender purple-colored blossom effuses a sedating, calming aroma known to relieve tension. Sweet Basil: A member of the mint family, sweet basil works as an antibacterial,soothing agent and its fragrance is sweet and strong, but not over-powering. Aloe Vera: Also known as “patient aloe,” Aloe Vera is synonymous with healing. In natural cosmetic and pharmaceutical uses, aloe softens, moisturizes and treats irritated, burning or itching skin and scalp.

Directions for Use: Apply Herbal Cleanse™ directly to scalp from the applicator bottle. Massage in and let sit for one minute. Using a towel, briskly massage to remove Herbal Cleanse™ from the scalp. To refresh braids, locks and twists: Dampen with Herbal Cleanse™ and gently move it down the braid from scalp to ends. Remove remaining product and residue with a towel.