Luster's PCJ No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer Kit

Luster's PCJ No-Lye Conditioning  Creme Relaxer Kit
Item# luster39s-pcj-nolye-conditioning-amp-creme-relaxer-k39

Product Description

"Now You Can Relax about Relaxing Your Hair". NutrientSheen is a miraculous discovery in hair relaxing. Our chemists have discovered a way to help repair damage which may result from the chemical process. NutrientSheen is used right after you rinse the relaxer from your hair. At this point, the hair shaft is open and very receptive to rebuilding treatments. NutrientSheen penetrates the hair shaft and even porosity, helps stabilize the pH level, and replaces moisture-binding protein. Therefore you'll have shine, bounce and styleability like you've never had before. It's a miracle! One complete application or two retouches. Follow instrutions carefully to avoid injury. Kit contains: No-Lye Creme Relaxer, Color Mix Activator, Nutrient Sheen (2), Color Alarm Neutralizing Conditioning Shampoo (2), EZ Comb Conditioner (2), Set-N-Style Lotion.