Lucky Tiger Vanishing Cream

Lucky Tiger Vanishing Cream
Item# lucky-tiger-vanishing-cream

Product Description

Lucky Tiger Menthol Mint After Shave Moisturizer 12 Ounces. Provide cool comfort to irritated skin with Lucky Tiger Menthol Mint Vanishing Cream. This wonderful after shave moisturizer, complemented with a unique blend of Menthol and Mint, works great on razor bumps and leaves you smelling clean and fresh at the end of your daily shaving session. Apply Lucky Tiger Menthol Mint Vanishing Cream as needed and discover the reason our menís grooming products are just as popular today as they were years ago.

Order Lucky Tiger Menthol Mint Vanishing Cream now for old-school grooming that holds true to its classic barbershop heritage. Lucky Tiger got your grandfather lucky, it got your father lucky, and it will get you lucky, too.