African Pride No-Lye Relaxer Kit

African Pride No-Lye Relaxer Kit
Item# african-pride-nolye-relaxer-kit

Product Description

Our recipe of 17 natural herbs and oils include Rose Hips, Nettle, Rosemary and Echinacea that you add directly to the relaxer crème. The nutrients are then transferred to the crème so that your hair is conditioned, moisturized and has added protection during the relaxing process. In the end, you achieve beautiful, silky-straight results. Why mix in the Healing and Hydrating African Herbs? Nutrients from the 17 herbs and oils are transferred from the herbs into the relaxer creme that protect, condition and moisturize your hair. 17 Herbs and Oils like Rose Hips and Echinacea herbs for healing and moisture, Nettle herbs for vitamin-rich protection, Rosemary herbs condition and invigorate and Jojoba Oil for moisture. AFRICAN PRIDE. It's The Pride That You Feel. One complete application. This Kit contains: African Pride No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer, African Pride Healing & Hydrating African Herbs, African Pride Neutralizing Conditioning Shampoo, African Pride Liquid Activator, African Pride Herbal Leave-In Conditioner, Complete Directions, Protective Gloves, Mixing Spatula. Please read and folllow all warnings and instructions to avoid injury.