360 Gold Crown Brush Onyx Black-Hard

360 Gold Crown Brush Onyx Black-Hard
Item# 360-gold-crown-brush-onyx-blackmed360
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Product Description

360 Gold Crown Brush Onyx Black-Hard. 360 gOLD cROWN bRUSH

The New and Amazing 360 GOLD's patented curved design contours to your head allowing more of its extra long bristles to remain in contact with your hair; resulting in deep, continuous, natural waves with far less brushing. With one use you will see and feel the difference, good for all hair textures. Four rich colors to choose from. high gloss finish.

Achieve natural continous waves Contours to your head Waves in days, not months Stimulates Growth 75% less brushing, better results see results after one use. Onyx BLACK - Hard Bristle

•Mixed Boar/Flex Bristle •Establish uniform 360 wave pattern •Achieve deeper more defined waves